By Ted Jacobson (auth.), Daniele Faccio, Francesco Belgiorno, Sergio Cacciatori, Vittorio Gorini, Stefano Liberati, Ugo Moschella (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3319002651

ISBN-13: 9783319002651

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ISBN-13: 9783319002668

Analogue Gravity Phenomenology is a suite of contributions that hide an unlimited variety of components in physics, starting from floor wave propagation in fluids to nonlinear optics. The underlying universal element of most of these themes, and for this reason the main target and point of view from which they're defined the following, is the try and enhance analogue versions for gravitational platforms. the unique and major motivation of the sector is the verification and examine of Hawking radiation from a horizon: the allowing function is the prospect to generate horizons within the laboratory with a variety of actual structures that contain a stream of 1 variety or one other. The years round 2010 and onwards witnessed a surprising surge of experimental task during this increasing box of analysis. besides the fact that, development an services in analogue gravity calls for the researcher to be outfitted with a slightly extensive variety of data and pursuits. the purpose of this booklet is to convey the reader modern with the newest advancements and supply the fundamental history required so one can have fun with the objectives, problems, and luck tales within the box of analogue gravity.

Each bankruptcy of the e-book treats a special subject defined intimately via the most important specialists for every particular self-discipline. the 1st chapters provide an summary of black gap spacetimes and Hawking radiation ahead of relocating directly to describe the big number of analogue spacetimes which have been proposed and are at present lower than research. This introductory half is then by means of an in-depth description of what are presently the 3 so much promising analogue spacetime settings, specifically floor waves in flowing fluids, acoustic oscillations in Bose-Einstein condensates and electromagnetic waves in nonlinear optics. either concept and experimental endeavours are defined intimately. the ultimate chapters consult with different features of analogue gravity past the learn of Hawking radiation, equivalent to Lorentz invariance violations and Brownian movement in curved spacetimes, earlier than concluding with a go back to the origins of the sector and an outline of the to be had observational facts for horizons in astrophysical black holes.

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13] for a general discussion of this process). It is strictly classical, but it is governed by the same mode conversion amplitudes that would produce spontaneous emission if the system could be prepared in the ground state. Acknowledgements I am grateful to Renaud Parentani for many helpful discussions on the material presented here, as well as suggestions for improving the presentation. Thanks also to Anton de la Fuente for helpful discussions on the path integral derivation of vacuum thermality.

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Analogue Gravity Phenomenology: Analogue Spacetimes and Horizons, from Theory to Experiment by Ted Jacobson (auth.), Daniele Faccio, Francesco Belgiorno, Sergio Cacciatori, Vittorio Gorini, Stefano Liberati, Ugo Moschella (eds.)

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