By Joe Griffin, Ivan Tyrrell

ISBN-10: 1899398961

ISBN-13: 9781899398966

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A new insight into the nature of psychosis and the implications for prevention and treatment. • A more comprehensive understanding of the importance of the REM (rapid eye movement) state in generating reality and accessing intuitive knowledge that brings better order to psychiatric classification and treatments. • A new way of thinking about the nature of consciousness. • Greater clarity when dealing with ethical dilemmas. Everything begins with an idea. The human givens organising idea has grown into a healthy, knowledge-based, practical approach to educating people and helping those who are struggling.

I then asked if he had any friends that he could see that night. I suggested it would be a good idea to go out dancing. ) Though somewhat puzzled by the suggestion, he liked the idea and agreed to do so. When Jason came for his session two days later, I learned that he had been a keen, amateur footballer but, after an accident a year before, had had a plate put in his leg and was no longer able to play. He told me that he had been depressed and unable to feel his leg for some time. Then the lack of feeling had spread.

She had just not known how to break that outmoded pattern of behaviour. " Then she tied up the bag; we put it in the dustbin and she banged down the lid. Jenny had now taken control over the voices with a cathartic experience - no anger, no anxiety, just all a part of her story. Back in the therapy room, we made a rainbow to go over the stream, removed the pot and I gave her a greetings card I happened to have bought, which had a fairy like Petula on the front, and we wrote inside it to commemorate the day the voice and words went forever.

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