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Four-skills American English direction with a communicative method, enticing texts, and a powerful pronunciation syllabus - designed to get scholars talking.

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600 Essential Words for the TOEIC - download pdf or read online

This variation has been revised to check the layout of the most recent TOEIC and comprises fifty vocabulary-building classes that concentrate on American English because it is used in the context of recent company, undefined, communications, and cultural actions. Examples of sensible English utilization contact on such matters as contracts, advertising, banking, and body of workers, between many others.

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With over forty devices of grammar and 20 devices of topic-related vocabulary, this article deals transparent grammar causes and a number of perform routines to assist scholars specialise in correct grammar issues. This revised version additionally comprises paintings on collocations.

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English uses the past continuous to talk about ongoing actions that were in progress at a certain time in the past. 11:30AM 12:00PM 12:30PM The past continuous shows the action went on for some time, but is now finished. Past continuous describes a continuing action. FURTHER EXAMPLES HOW TO FORM “Was” or “were” followed by the present participle form the past continuous. SUBJECT “WAS / WERE” “Was” or “were” is used depending on the subject. 32 VERB + “-ING” REST OF SENTENCE “-ing” is added to the main verb.

TWO HOURS AGO NOW PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS The past perfect continuous is used to talk about an ongoing action or repeated activity that was taking place until another specified moment in the past. TWO HOURS BEFORE PAST NOW 43 “Used to” and “would” When talking about habits or states in the past, “used to” or “would” are often used. English often uses these forms to contrast the past with the present. See also: Present simple 1 Past simple 4 Past continuous 10 Adverbs of frequency 102 “USED TO” “Used to” can be used with the base form of a verb to talk about past habits.

The past perfect continuous describes a repeated action or continuing activity that was taking place before that completed event. PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS PAST SIMPLE TWO YEARS BEFORE PAST NOW SIX HOURS BEFORE PAST NOW HOW TO FORM The past perfect continuous is formed using “had been” plus a present participle. SUBJECT “HAD BEEN” “Had been” doesn't change with the subject. 42 VERB + “-ING” REST OF SENTENCE FURTHER EXAMPLES THE PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS AND PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS The present perfect continuous is used to talk about an action in progress or repeated activity that was taking place until the present moment.

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