By Ann Cook

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This ebook and audio compact disc software instructs scholars of English as a moment language within the parts of grammar, proposing a grammar assessment that emphasizes speech and proper pronunciation. The compact discs contain spoken dictations for every of the book's ten chapters. scholars begin via writing out what they pay attention, after which evaluating what they've got written with the book's revealed model. within the strategy, they start studying the weather of grammar, staring with the easy current demanding of the verb "to be" and progressing to all different tenses and components of speech. scholars progressively how one can use English phrases and pronounce them effectively in grammatically right sentences. Following each one chapter's introductory sentence, they're given a short tale. a quick attempt on the finish of every bankruptcy is helping them make certain their studying growth. The dictations start off very simple and develop into more and more tough from one bankruptcy to the subsequent. The e-book is full of charts and illustrations to facilitate scholars' studying growth.

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