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X: y; trace (z); // returns 5 ActionScript Dictionary 53 / (division) Availability Flash Player 4. Usage expression1 / expression2 Parameters expression A number or a variable that evaluates to a number. Returns Nothing. Description Operator (arithmetic); divides expression1 by expression2. The result of the division operation is a double-precision floating-point number. 0 and then displays the result in the Output window. 1429, which is a floating-point number. // (comment delimiter) Availability Flash 1.

The post-increment form of the operator (expression++) adds 1 to expression and returns the initial value of expression (the value prior to the addition). The pre-increment form of the operator increments x to 2 (x + 1 = 2), and returns the result as y: x = 1; y = ++x //y is equal to 2 The post-increment form of the operator increments x to 2 (x value of x as the result y: + 1 = 2), and returns the original x = 1; y = x++; //y is equal to 1 Example The following example uses ++ as a post-increment operator to make a while loop run five times.

Returns Nothing. Description Operator (logical); inverts the Boolean value of a variable or expression. expression is false. (x && y) evaluates to true. The following expressions illustrate the result of using the ! false returns true Example In the following example, the variable happy is set to false. happy, and if the condition is true, the trace action sends a string to the Output window. = (inequality) Availability Flash Player 5. = expression2 Parameters None. Returns Nothing. Description Operator (inequality); tests for the exact opposite of the == operator.

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