By Michael McCarthy

Educational Vocabulary in Use is the ideal research reduction for a person utilizing English for his or her educational paintings. excellent for college kids of any self-discipline, from engineers or social scientists to company scholars or legal professionals, it covers all of the key vocabulary they are going to stumble upon in educational textbooks, articles, lectures and seminars, letting them functionality expectantly in an English-speaking educational

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LOGGER: What is going on? Who said that? POPPA PINE: Hey, there! I wouldn’t do that, if I were you. LOGGER: Who said that? NARRATOR: There is nothing but the sound of wind. Again he starts to swing the ax. 17 NARRATOR: The two adult trees bring their branches together, forming an impenetrable barrier that shields Baby Pine from the Logger’s ax. MOMMA PINE We did! 18 AND POPPA PINE: LOGGER: Trees don’t talk. POPPA PINE: Not unless we’ve got something to say. MOMMA PINE: And now we’ve got something to say.

He grips the ax and looks at the trees. POPPA PINE: Shhh! Something’s coming. He decides that the biggest tree is the one he wants and tries to swing his ax, but the little tree is in the way. He tries to work around it, but no matter how he stands, he cannot swing the ax. He becomes increasingly frustrated. NARRATOR: Both older pines freeze in place, silently. The Logger returns, carrying his ax. 15 16 LOGGER: Stupid shrub! MOMMA PINE: You do that and I’ll fall on you so hard they will never find you.

Momma? Are you awake? 5 POPPA PINE: We may have a problem. I mean, a really big problem. 6 POPPA PINE: No, Momma, it’s not the root weevils. It’s much worse than that. It’s the loggers. NARRATOR: Momma Pine looks at the baby, distracted. Eyes opened wide, she looks around but sees nothing. MOMMA PINE: And just what could that be, Poppa? It’s not those pesky root weevils, is it? I just hate when they come buzzing around. They are so boring. I want to think that all creatures have their place in Nature’s plan, but I don’t know— weevils just get under my bark.

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