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I’ll drink it raw—just the way it is now. sauce n. liquor; any alcoholic beverage. ᮀ Those guys have had too much sauce again. ᮀ Did you bring the sauce? Can’t have a good party without lots of sauce. shicker n. liquor; beer. ᮀ Fill it up with shicker again. ᮀ How do you know when you’ve had enough shicker? shoot tr. to lace a drink with liquor. ᮀ I’m gonna shoot the punch with rum. ᮀ Harry shot his date’s Coke with vodka. silo drippings n. alcohol allegedly obtained at the base of a silo containing fermenting corn.

Have a bit of this potato soup, why don’t you? ᮀ Those Russians make fine potato soup. spud n. vodka. ) ᮀ How about a glass of spud? ᮀ She keeps a big jug of spud in the reefer and drinks it like water. D. n. “Jack Daniels” whiskey. (Initialism. D. into a glass, set it aside, and drank all of what was in the bottle. D. back into the bottle. (mountain) dew n. Scotch whiskey. ᮀ Mountain dew is best when it’s from the old country. ᮀ The real mountain dew is smoky-tasting and amber. ALCOHOL - WINE berries n.

Very angry; bent out of shape. ᮀ The boss was completely flexed out of shape. ᮀ I am truly flexed out of shape. frost tr. to make someone angry. ᮀ That really frosts me. ᮀ The little car frosted me by zooming into my parking place. frosted (over) mod. angry; annoyed. ᮀ The clerk was really frosted over when I asked for a better one. ᮀ Why was he so frosted? get mad (at something) in. to muster great physical strength and determination in order to do something. ᮀ You’re gonna have to get mad at it if you want to move it.

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