By Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin

ISBN-10: 1406577804

ISBN-13: 9781406577808

Kate Douglas Wiggin used to be one of many overdue nineteenth century's preferred authors of youngsters books, and her vintage Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm continues to be broadly learn today.

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Anthony's work would have puzzled a casual on-looker. Ten stout wires were stretched between two trees, fifteen or twenty feet apart, and each group of five represented the lines of the musical staff. Wooden bars crossed the wires at regular intervals, dividing the staff into measures. A box with many compartments sat on a stool beside him, and this held bits of wood that looked like pegs, but were in reality whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes, rests, flats, sharps, and the like. These were cleft in such a way that he could fit them on the wires almost as rapidly as his musical theme came to him, and Lyddy had learned to transcribe with pen and ink the music she found in wood and wire.

Oh, Miss Butterfield! I should have called up to see you before this if it hadn't been for the boy's sickness. But I am a good-for nothing neighbor, as you have doubtless heard. ) "I don't know about that," she answered swiftly. "You've given me, for one, a great deal of pleasure with your wonderful music. I often hear you as you play after supper, and it has kept me from being lonesome. " "I didn't know I was; I never heard any before," said Lyddy simply; "but it seems to help people to say things they couldn't say for themselves, don't you think so?

Your hat is in the wood-box, and I'll find the butter in the twinkling of an eye, though why you want it now is more than— My patience, Mr. " "Don't mind me. " "I will with pleasure, but let me ease you a little first. Here's a rag that will be just the thing," and Lyddy, suiting the pretty action to the mendacious word, took a good handkerchief from her pocket and tore it in three strips, after spreading it with tallow from a candle heated over the stove. This done, she bound up the burned hand skilfully, and, crossing the dining-room, disappeared within the little chamber door beyond.

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A Village Stradivarius by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin

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