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Cheese: 奶酪, 干酪, 乳酪, 乾酪. counter: 计数器, 案子, 码字, 计数者, 柜台, 柜. counterfeit: 仿造, 仿造的. elementary: 基本的. exact: 确切, 精密, 准确, 正确的. geometrical: 几何学的. grasping: 抓的, 握的, 贪婪的. ham: 火腿. interior: 内部, 里面, 内地, 内陆, 内部的, 里头. liquor: 酒, 酒精饮料, 液体. mouths: 口. odor: 气味, 味道. olive: 橄榄树. opulence: 丰饶, 富裕. passengers: 旅客. pickles: 泡菜. plates: 盘子. precision: 精确, 精度, 精确性. senses: 感觉. shed: 散出, 棚子, 流出, 脱落. shimmering: 闪烁的, 微光. shining: 彪炳, 发亮. sideboard: 餐具柜. sorrow: 悲哀, 悲伤. swarmed: 蜂涌. swimming: 游泳. tints: 色彩. vinegar: 醋.

Charge: 收费, 控告, 记帐, 冲锋, 指责, 负荷. corner: 角落, 隅, 棱, 角, 转角. crowd: 人群. dark: 暗, 黑暗, 夜. distance: 距离. doors: 门. emerge: 出现, 展现. escaped: 避开. excited: 兴奋, 兴奋的, 兴高采烈, 激昂的. friend: 朋友, 熟人, 友人. heart: 心, 心脏, 中心, 胸, 内心.

She laughed a laugh that was like a prophetic croak. ’“ There was no one in at home. The rooms showed that attempts had been made at tidying them. Parts of the wreckage of the day before had been repaired by an unskilful hand. A chair or two and the table, stood uncertainly upon legs. The floor had been newly swept. Too, the blue ribbons had been restored to the curtains, and the lambrequin, with its immense sheaves of yellow wheat and red roses of equal size, had been returned, in a worn and sorry state, to its position at the mantel.

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