By René Daumal

ISBN-10: 0715632752

ISBN-13: 9780715632758

An evening of significant consuming is between Rene Daumal's most crucial literary works. Like Daumal's Mount Analogue it's a vintage paintings of symbolic fiction. An unnamed narrator spends a night getting inebriated with a gaggle of friends.; because the get together turns into intoxicated and exuberant, the narrator embarks on a trip that levels from seeming paradises to the depths of natural hell. the glorious global depicted in an evening of great consuming is admittedly the normal global grew to become the other way up. The characters are known as the Anthographers, Fabricators of lifeless gadgets, Scienters, Nibblists, Clarificators, and different absurd titles. but the population of those unusual geographical regions are just too commonly used: scientists dissecting an animal of their laboratory, a smart guy surrounded by means of his devotees, politicians, poets expounding their rhetoric. those characters practice hilarious antics and highbrow video games, which they see as severe makes an attempt to discover that means and freedom.

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