By James A. Jobling

ISBN-10: 0198546343

ISBN-13: 9780198546344

Containing over 8,500 entries, A Dictionary of medical chicken Names is the 1st publication to provide an explanation for the derivation and that means of all legitimate clinical chook names. This beneficial reference defines each one identify half individually to prevent the confusion of destiny revisions--a identify like Passer domesticus will in simple terms be chanced on because the separate entries Passer (sparrow) and domesticus (domestic). different entries supply interesting information and worthy info. We research, for instance, that lewis is derived from explorer Meriwether Lewis, and decussatus shows chook is marked with X-shaped crosses. And an informative creation discusses the ways that birds were named for his or her visual appeal, for someone or position, or a few point in their habitat, foodstuff, or voice.
With an entire bibliography and huge cross-references, A Dictionary of poultry Names will discover a everlasting position on any bird-lover's shelf.

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Atrocyaneum 50 51 Mod. L. atrocyaneus, dark greenish-blue (L. ater, black; cyaneus, dark blue, sea blue). atroflavus L. ater, black; flavus, yellow, gold-coloured. atrogularis L. ater, black; Mod. L. gularis, throated, of the throat (L. gula, throat). atronitens L. ater, black; nitens, glittering, shining (nitere, to glitter). atropileus L. ater, black; pileus, a skullcap. atropurpurea Mod. L. atropurpureus, deep purple, dark purple. atrosuperciliaris L. ater, black; Mod. L. superciliaris, the eyebrow (L.

Monasa is known only from two specimens collected over one hundred years ago from shadowy swamp forest in the Caroline Islands. Aphantotriccus Gr. e. new, distinctive); Mod. L. triccus, a tyrant flycatcher (Gr. trikkos, a small wren-like bird mentioned by Hesychius, not further identified. The syn. genus Triccus was diagnosed by Cabanis in 1845). 36 37 Aphantochroa Gr. aphantos, obscure; khroa, skin colour, complexion; ref. unusual dull plumage of the Sombre Hummingbird A. cirrhochloris. Aphelocephala Gr.

38 39 Apus L. apus, the swift, a kind of swallow said to have no feet (Gr. apous, a bird of the swallow kind; privative a-, lacking; pous, a foot). aquatica /aquaticus L. aquaticus, aquatic, water-living (aqua, water). Aquila L. aquila, an eagle. Used also in a specific sense for species with rapacious habits (Fregata) or hooked bills (Eutoxeres). Ara TupÃ− (Brazilian) Indian word ara, a component of various bird names such as ararauna, a macaw, aratica, a hummingbird, and araracanga, a parrot.

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