By Harmony Korine

ISBN-10: 0385485883

ISBN-13: 9780385485883

The unique Ritalin child, concord Korine burst at the scene with Kids, a movie so gritty and unsettling in its depiction of teenage existence that it used to be slapped with an NC-17 score and banned in a few theaters around the nation. In many ways, the media frenzy over the ranking overshadowed the harrowing portrait of young children destroying their lives and the then twenty-one-year-old screenwriter who created them. "Whether you notice the motion picture as a masterpiece or as sensationalism," wrote Lynn Hirshberg, "the motion picture is relentless and marvelous and very anxious. It's powerful-both steel-eyed and horny; frightening and captivating."

Now, during this first e-book of fictional set items, Korine captures the fragmented moments of a lifestyles saw in the course of the demented lens of media, television, and teenage obsession. Korine reinvents the radical during this hugely experimental montage of scenes that appear either genuine and surreal while. With a filmmaker's eye and a prankster's glee, this weird and wonderful number of jokes, half-remembered scenes, discussion fragments, motion picture principles, and suicide notes is an episodic, epigrammatic lovesong to the area of pictures. Korine is the voice of his media-savvy iteration and A Crack-Up on the Race Riots is the satiric lovechild of his darkish mind's eye.

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