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I felt this was overdoing it rather. They picked me up bodily, kicking and bawling. I arrived at the school fatly wrapped up in my scarves. The rabble closed in. The Infant Room was packed with toys such as I'd never seen before. So I remained, the fat lord of my nursery life, idling voluptuously through the milky days. But my time was slowly running out. (b) adverbs modifying adjectives My desk companions were two blonde girls, already puppyishly pretty. Angry faces surrounded me, very red. I began to feel vaguely uneasy.

E. points out persons or things: this boy, this book, these boys, these books, my house, each house, many books; this part of the city, his share of the expense, etc. (Curme) Exercise 15 Discuss the definitions of adjective, and consider whether they refer principally to function or to meaning. 5 Adverbs The fourth category of lexical words is the adverb. Like adjectives, adverbs are 'modifying' words, but one of their major semantic functions is to represent the 'circumstances' of time, place and manner in a proposition.

The two categories are not altogether separate, but this general distinction is a useful one. The set of lexical words is continuously being changed, as words drop out of use and new ones are coined. It is therefore an open class of words. Function words, on the other hand, are much fewer in number, and change much more slowly and so make up a closed class. Here is the opening paragraph of a story, printed firstly with only the open class, lexical words, and secondly with only the closed class, function words.

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