1 (d± the lack of convergence of the corresponding conformal integrals at that point.

However, in general, the conformal mode only cancels if we tune the central charge of the matter field XI" which is D, to cancel against the ghost contribution, -26, as is well known. Otherwise, we are forced to consider the Liouville mode, whose cation is given in Eq. 56). 155) from where we have the central charge c'" = 1 + 3Q2 j since we have Q= Ctot J25;C . 156) Critical exponents of the theory may be computed as follows. 157) defining the string susceptibility68 'Yh. 165) The above result, obtained by standard quantum field methods in the light-cone gauge, as well as by simple manipulations of the partition function in the conformal gauge, will be generalized for the expression of correlation functions involving vertex operators dressed by gravity in the continuum formulation of non-critical strings.

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2D-Gravity in Non-Critical Strings: Discrete and Continuum Approaches by E. Abdalla, M.C.B. Abdalla, D. Dalmazi, A. Zadra

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