By Faith Hickman Brynie

ISBN-10: 0761397507

ISBN-13: 9780761397502

Asks and solutions questions about center, blood, and circulatory process. acceptable for heart university, highschool, and non-physician adults. contains info on middle motion, palpitations, middle assaults, leeches, transplants, blood chemistry, and the significance of vitamin, workout, and never smoking in hold cardiovascular wellbeing and fitness.

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D. 269 or 270 (calendars were a bit quirky then), Emperor Claudius II—also called Claudius the Cruel—noticed that married men would rather stay home with their families than march off to war. Claudius thought he could hold onto his armies better if he forbade his soldiers to marry. But there’s always someone around who’ll buck authority. Legend has it that a Christian priest named Valentine married soldiers and their sweethearts in secret. Claudius found out about Valentine and threw him in prison.

That goal drew nearer in October, 1999, when the University’s TAH was tested for the first time in a human patient—successfully! What you are reading now is only an introduction to TAH. By the time you open this book, new chapters in the story will have been written. Search newspapers and magazines for • 55 • up-to-date reports on TAHs. Are they being tried in animals? In humans? Have they failed or succeeded? Are engineers heading “back to the drawing board” to correct difficulties they failed to foresee?

When calcium ions gather around contractile proteins inside the cell, the cell shortens and thickens. With millions of heart cells acting in the same way, the result is the push of blood we hear as a heartbeat and feel as a pulse. The cells return to their resting state because the pumps push sodium and calcium out of the cell and return it to its slightly negatively charged state. 3 Whenever you’re stressed, your blood pressure rises temporarily. That’s because the nervous system produces chemicals that narrow blood vessels.

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